I gotta grant

I am pleased and grateful to receive an Arts Act Grant to develop my screenplay, Amongst Wolves, about the adventures of a 6th-century Irish monk. The story explores the nature of monastic life, examines his struggle with his faith, and follows him on a dangerous journey across a chaotic and brutal medieval Europe to establish a famed place of learning in northern Italy.

Amongst Wolves examines themes of faith, sacrifice, and isolation. The story explores man’s vulnerability before the advent of the protective benefits of science and technology, the nature of time in a world without distraction and the idea of life with a purpose. When the world was hostile and barbarous, some men set out to spread learning and hope; this is their story. 

The Arts Act Grant is provided by Carlow Arts Office who have been very supportive of my practice over the years. I plan to use the money to create treatments and pitch-decks in order to seek further development, or even production, funding from the likes of Screen Ireland or from independent production companies.