I’ve written a lot of short films and feature films. Here are some glimpses of a feature I wrote called “Black Magic”, set in Los Angeles and Thailand and shot on 35mm film. It was released in movie theatres in 3 territories and worldwide on DVD.

I wrote a couple of episodes of a show called Dorg Van Dango for four-time Oscar-nominated animation company Cartoon Saloon. Here’s one of them:

Here’s a scene from a short I wrote called “Trick or Treat” shot on 16mm film. The screenplay won the international Fuji-Film Award, and the production won 2 student BAFTAs.

And here’s the opening to another award-winning short I wrote; Infected City. It was the overall winner of the Jesuit Film and Video Award for films on social issues. The prize was a scholarship to study in S. I. Newhouse School for Public Communication at Syracuse University, New York – the number one Grad School for film and TV in the country at the time. I also wrote the music!

I even acted in this one and, yep, wrote the music too!.

Waiting for Num Num Poster 2.png

Here’s all my film credits: