I have written and adapted a lot of work for the stage over the years and here are some examples.

Below is a poster for my stage adaptation of James Joyce’s ‘Finnegans Wake’. One reviewer described it as follows:  “Rather than try to make Joyce’s impenetrable text accessible for simple meaning, the actors performed the lines as poetry, accentuating the musicality and hidden emotion of the book. The effect was quite hypnotic. The disciplined ensemble movement and use of sound added to the sense of a dense voice poem coming vividly to life in an entrancing theatrical ritual.”


Here’s a couple of clips from the show:

Here’s the poster from a show I wrote about a famous Irish silent era filmmaker; his murder in 1922 remains Hollywood’s greatest mystery.

Carlow Little theatre Poster (CU)

Some stills from the stage production of “The William Desmond Taylor Story” aka “Looking for William”

A clip from the show where William Desmond Taylor’s wife talks about her husband:

The poster below is for a black comedy I wrote called ‘Blood and White Spirits’. I later shot a film version in New York. The poster features the original cast of Paddy Foy and Terry McMahon. The photos are from rehearsals of the subsequent cast of Paddy Foy and Ken Harmon.

blood & white spirits poster

I co-wrote this sex comedy. The extremely popular production toured Ireland and the UK. Here’s a poster from the London show.

bloke & a bird poster

The poster for an award-winning ‘Playreplay’. The production toured Ireland.