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MOUTHS MAKING WATER, Marc-Ivan O’Gorman’s stage adaptation of James Joyce’s novel Finnegans Wake, was released in book form on Bloomsday, June 16 2018 at 8.30pm.

MOUTHS MAKING WATER started life in February 2015, when, Marc-Ivan O’Gorman was asked to direct a play of his choosing as the graduate production for the Acting Degree Students in Dundalk Institute of Technology. Rather than select an existing play, Marc-Ivan chose to adapt Finnegans Wake for the stage. The ensuing show, entitled MOUTHS MAKING WATER, ran in the Mac Anna Theatre Dundalk and was a dramatic distillation of the novel.

Mouths Making Water image.jpg

One reviewer described the production as follows: “Rather than try to make Joyce’s impenetrable text accessible for simple meaning, the actors performed the lines as poetry, accentuating the musicality and hidden emotion of the book. The effect was quite hypnotic. The disciplined ensemble movement and use of sound added to the sense of a dense voice poem coming vividly to life in an entrancing theatrical ritual.” The notoriously difficult novel was made accessible by being read aloud.

Mouths Making Water
Mouths Making Water – a stage adaptation of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake by Marc-Ivan O’Gorman

The book designed by Richard O’Gorman includes a cover design by Aiden Grennelle, and illustrations by Anthony Walsh.

There is also an original soundtrack connected with the stage production. To listen these tracks please visit: MOUTHS MAKING WATER soundtrack by The Spinning Boy

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